Woodsman's Legacy
6' Christmas Tree
Eight years of annual care
combined with
superior genetic characteristics
of the Balsam Fir creates
...dense balanced shape..
...superior needle retention...
...full rich fragrance...
...presented with immense pride...
97.00 U.S.A Flag
3' Table Top Tree
c/w stand
A freshly cut, natural Balsam Fir Tree
to decorate smaller places.
A perfect tree for limited space such as
Senior's apartments, offices or a
second tree for other rooms in your home.
60.00 U.S.A Flag
Table Top Tree


To assure freshness Delong Farms will not harvest your tree
before the previous day of shipping.
We will carefully bind your tree by hand,
then secure it within a wax lined gift carton
ready to be delivered to your specified address.
A disposal bag and certificate of authenticity will be included

Continental USA and Canada's 10 Provinces
( We do not deliver to Hawaii, Alaska, Nunavut, Northwest Territories or the Yukon )

U.S.A. destinations delivered by U.P.S. / Canada's destinations delivered by Canada Post