Inspirations for Home Decorating

50' Balsam Fir Garland D5
50' is a great length to add
impressive flair to your decorating.
Drape along balconies, verandahs, fences
or spiral down posts and stair rails.
4 lock ties included allowing you to
cut into three shorter pieces if required.
...what legends are made from...
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50' Balsam Fir Garland

Home Decorating with door and window wreaths
Home Decorating Wreaths
This case contains:
one - 26" Front Door Wreath accented with
... extra large velvet weatherproof bow ...
... 7 pine cones...
... 10 holly berry clusters ...
four - 20" Window Wreaths
complimented with
large velvet weatherproof bows

Available in all three of our popular colours themes
D2 - Red (Traditional)
D3 - Burgundy (Victorian)
D4 - White (Snow)

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... add distinction with this down home look ...


Decorators Box D1
New last year 2016 - (4 times larger)

This 24" x 18" x 12" carton contains
a 25lb mixture of
Long Needled Pine &
double brush Balsam Fir boughs.
This very fragrant greenery
will be cut into lengths of 18" to 24".
Perfect to fill in window boxes and planters,
accent hearths and fireplaces.
62.00 U.S.A. Flag
... add distinction to your final
decorating touches ...

Decorators Box


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