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On Line Tracking System
What is an
Order Number
Order numbers are used to identify and trace every package
as it moves through the DeLong Farms system up to shipping day
How do I get my
Order Number
We usually assign and advise numbers when orders are placed
If you do not have your number please call us at 1-800-565-1230
What do I do with my
Order Number
Enter your order number in the box below and press "Submit Query"
and see when your package was shipped and the Tracking Numbers
Enter your
Order Number

Order Number Time Shipped Date Shipped Tracking Number Shipped By

What is a
Tracking Number
Tracking numbers are automatically assigned to your package
when it is shipped by United Parcel Service or Canada Post.
With this number you can now track the delivey status of your parcel
What do I do with my
Tracking Number
For United Parcel Service Deliveries.
Copy & Paste the tracking number into the UPS
Delivery Status Window below and press Search.

For Canada Post Deliveries.
Choose " Canada Post Delivers the Holidays"
A new small window will open for you to Copy & Paste
the traking number into for delivery status.
Canada Post only shows information after the parcel is successfuly delivered
UPS shows a detailed progressive status of your parcel



Canada Post Tracking "Canada Post Delivers the Holidays"