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Why a Carol qualifies for our Unique catagory?'s a rewrite ...
... or, we know you have not heard it before ...
... or, we may not know what catagory it falls in...
or, WE LOVE IT ! !


Play Song Size Time Rating
Christmas Eve 40K 4:23
Christmas Quiet
No idea where it came from
but very pleasant
13K 2:26
Crown of Roses
Yup, it's different alright
7.3K 3:19
Elp Christmas
I Believe in Father Christmas
22.7K 3:24
Hark The Hearald Trumpets Sing 6K 2:01
Holly Leaves And Christmas Trees 32K 2:59
In the Bleak Mid Winter
Gustav Holst
9K 2:00
Jingle Bells
(Lively Rewrite)
37K 2:39
(no idea)
30K 3:07
Master In This Hall 17K 2:15
Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence
11.9K 5:22
A Nightmare Before Christmas 13.8K 2:53
We Three Kings
different(WE LOVE IT !)
13.6K 4:02
O'er The Hill And O'er The Dale
11K 2:43
8.8KK 1:14
Ring Christmas Bells
(must listen to it all)
34.7K 3:58
Rocking Carol 6K 2:19
Shoes For Baby Jesus 11K 2:53
Silver And Gold 13K 2:49
A Fantasy On Silent Night 2K 1:13
Silent Night
is it against the law
to jazz up this Carol ?
59K 2:42
Two Noels
arranged with a Cajun flavour
for fiddle and squeezbox
19K 2:44
While Shepherds Watched 2.9K .23
White Christmas
(Gospel, Bluesie Rewrite)
10.8K 3:41
Wonderful World Of Christmas 28K 3:32