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Older Religious

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A Babe Is Born All Of A Maid
125th Century English
3.0K 1:30
The Advent Of Our God
written 1780 Samuel Wesley (1766-1837)
2.0K 1:22
All My Heart This Night Rejoices
Ebling 1666
5.0K 1:36
Motets Pour le Temps de NOEL
Poulenc, Francis 1899-1963 French
5.9K 1:53
And All In The Morning
Ralph Vaughan Williams,
born 10/12/1872 and died 8/26/1958
2K 0.35
Angels From The Realm Of Glory 1.6K :24
Angels We Have Heard On High
Traditional French Carol
3K *
As Lately I Watched 6.4K 1:22
As With Gladness Men Of Old
Words: William Chatterton Dix, 1860
Music: Konrad Kocher 1838
9.4K 1:33
Away In A Manger
alternate Luther's cradle hymn 1887
2.4K 1:22
Besides Thy Cradle Here I Stand
Paul Gerhardt (1607-76)
4 K *
Birthday Of A King
Magi from the east came to Jerusalem
and asked "Where is the one who has
been born King of the Jews?"
30K 4:21
Calm On The Listening Ear Of Night
John Bacchus Dykes 1866
11.6K 1:12
The Cherry Tree Carol
British Traditional from the Southern Mountains
10.4K 4:46
A Child This Day Is Born
1833 Richard Beckley
2.0K 1:22
Children Come Come A-Running 11.5K 0:19
Christ Jesus Lay
In Deaths Strong Bonds
6.4K 1:22
Come Thou Long Expected Jesus
The Angel Did Say

(Byrd's Lullaby)
2K .31
Come Though Almighty King 502K 1:22
Come Ye Lofty
Composer: Gustav Holst
Born: 21 September 1874
Died: 25 May 1934
2.0K 0:35
A Child This Day Is Born
1833 Richard Beckley
2.0K 1:22
Draw Me Nearer
William H. Doane, 1832-1915
3 K *
Far, Far Away On Judea's Plain 2K *
From Heaven Above To Earth I Come 11K 2:02
From The Eastern Mountains
Arthur Henry Mann(1823-1903
3 K *
From The Depths We Cry To Thee 16.4K 1:22
From Virgin's Womb
Orlando Gibbons (1583-1625)
3 K *
Forest Green
English Melody 1906
7.5K 0:19
Good Christian Men Rejoice
15.2K 4:40
Go Tell It On The Mountain 4.7K 1:19
Hail To The Child
6.4K 1:23
Hark The Glad Sound 6.0K 0:19
He Whom Joyous Shepherds Praised
German Melody, Breslau, 1555
2.0K 0:23
The Holy Infants Lullaby
For Two Pianos
6.8K 1:56
How Lovely Are The Messengers
Feliz Mendelssohn-Bartholdy
7K *
Infant Holy Infant Lowly 2.0K 0:25
Joseph Dearest, Joseph Mine
14th Century German
11K 2:02
The King Shall Come
An Advent hymn
2K 0:40
Let The Earth Now Praise The Lord
Heinrich Held, 1620-ca.1659
9 K *
Long Years Ago O'er Bethlehem's Hills 3 K 0.49
The Lord's Prayer
Lisa Collins sent us this version Nov. 2003
but we are still looking for
an even nicer version
19.3K 3:07
Lo, How A Rose E'er Blooming
5.6K 2:48
Long Years Ago O'er Bethlehem's Hills 11K 2:02
Morning Star
Brightest and Best Of The Sons Of Morning
4.9K 2:31
The First NOEL 10.0K 1:22
O Bethlehem Of Holy Worth 7.0K 0:19
O Blessed Nativity
William Byrd - 1623
11.0K 3:09
O' Come All Ye Faithful 4.7K 1:19
O Come Little Children 7.0K 0:19
O' Come O' Come Emmanuel 6.1K 2:29
O' Come O' Come Emmanuel
another version of this favourite
17K 2:02
O Holy Night 7.6K 4:07
O Sanctissima 3.0K 1:22
On A Night Calm And Bright
The Angels Song
2.0K 0:19
Once In Royal David's City 6.9K 2:23
O' Sanctissima / Oh How Joyfully 3.4K 1:14
O Saviour The Heavens Wide 8K 2:27
Our Savior's Infants Cries Were Heard 1K 0:59
Past Three O'clock
Old English Carole
17K 2:18
People Look East 9.6K 1:13
Prelude To Christmas Mass 7.00K 1:22
O' Sing A Song Of Bethlehem 6.4K 1:22
Saviour Of The Heathen Come 7.0K 0:19
See Amid The Winter's Snow 13.0K 0:19
The Seven Joy's Of Mary
3K *
Shepheards Watch Their Flocks By Night 6.2K 1:17
She Wrapped Him In Cloths
And Placed Him In A Manger

written 1539
2K 2:02
Silent Night
21.9K 2:15
The Spotless Rose 6K *
The Star Of Christmas Morning
Traditional English Carol
11K 2:02
Stars Of Glory 14.5K 0:19
The Sycamore Tree
(A Christmas carol G Esteve)
8K 1:19
There Shall A Star Come Out Of Jacob
William Byrd 1623
9.0K 4:54
Though Amaryllis Dance
William Byrd - 1623
5.0K 1:11
The First Noel
The Angel Did Say

4.4K 1:22
To Us A Child Is Born
11.2K 1:49
To Us A Child Of Royal Birth
2.2K *
The Virgin Mary Had A Baby Boy 30.6K 2:16
There Shall A Star Come Out Of Jacob
Feliz Mendelssohn-Bartholdy
9.0K *
Unto Us A Boy Is Born 7.0K 0:19
Upon This Lovely Christmas Morning
Traditional Shaker Hymn
11K 2:02
Voice Of The Belfry Height 13.0K 1:22
Venite Adoremus Dominum
The Snow Lay On The Ground
14 K 2.31
Whence Is That Goodly Fragrance Flowing 4 K *
What Child Is This
(unusual mix)
26.8K 4:54
What A Sea Of Tears 24.0K 1:22
When Christmas Morn Is Dawning 1.4K 0:25
Who Is He In Yonder Stall 1.5K 0:19
With Wondering Awe
"Laudis Corona", Boston, 1885
2.0K 0:26
Would Jesus Have The Sinner Die 9.0K 0:19
Ye Sons Of Men Rejoice 9.0K 0:19