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A Song For The Time
we are looking for more information
on this hymn, help if you can.
7K 1:24
Ashes 11K 2:02
Christ Was Born On Christmas Day 3.2K .40
Christians Sing Out With Exulation 18K 2:02
Do You Hear What I Hear 13K 2:02
Hail Hail Smiling Morn
Geroge Spofforth
11K *
Hark The Glad Sound 6K 2:02
Holy City 27.0K 2:02
Hymn For Christmas 11K 2:02
Jesus Christ The Apple Tree
2.0K 1:22
Jesus Jesus Rest Your Head
not a well known
Southern U.S.A. Christmas Lullaby
11K 2:02
Joy In The Morning
Natalie Sleeth 1930 - 1992
she wrote over 180 highly successful
selections for church and school
24K *
Let There Be Peace On Earth 13K 4:09
Let There Be Peace On Earth
another version of a favourite
11K 2:02
O Jesus Christ, Thy Manger Is 11K 2:02
On This Day The Earth Shall Ring 8K *
The Peace Carol 11K 2:02
Some Children See Him
2.0K 1:22
There Is Room In The Stable 9K 2:02
While Shpherds Watch Their Flocks 17K 2:02