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Angelus ad Virginem
still today a popular Medieval carol
appearing in the Dublin Troper (ca. 1360)
2.0K 1:22
minstrel - A la Venue de Noel
(Was re:Carol of the Birds)
2.0K 1:22
The Boar's Head
2.6K :39
Come Listen To My Story
English traditional, c. 16th century
15 K *
Coventry Carol 3.2K 2:03
Dadme Albricias Hijos d'eva 3.8K .47
In Dulci Jubilo 2.4K .33
E la don don, Verges Maria 8.6K 1:24
I Saw Three Ships on Christmas Morning 12.6K 2:27
Joseph Dearest Joseph Mine
14th Century German
7K 2:17
Let Heaven Rejoice
7K 2:17
Lord Who Through Out These Forty Days 4K 2:02
Lullay Lullay Lullow
14th century arrange for
a harp and two soprano recorders
7K 2:15
O' Sacred Head 2.5K .53
Remember O Thou Man 12.9K 2:01
Sing We All NOEL 5K 1:10
Sing NOEL 3.3K 1:37
Sing We Now of Christmas 6K 1:34
The Wassail Song 2.3K .44
Wassil Wassil 14.2K 2:45