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Andie Freude
5K 2:02
Ave Maria
This version of Ave Maria is not Shubert's.
Originally the background chords were made by J.S. Bach
as one of his many etudes for "das wohltemperierte klavier".
The violin solo on top of the chords were made
many years later by Gunoud and it was he
who renamed it "Ave Maria".
So we will credit the composer rightfully as Bach / Gunoud.
Shubert also made a piece called Ave Maria,
but it is a completely different tune
15K 3:02
Ceremony of Carols #1
Benjamin Britten
5K 2:02
Ceremony of Carols #2
Benjamin Britten
11K 4:02
Ceremony of Carols #3
Benjamin Britten
10K 4:02
(Pastoral Corelli)
36K 4:30
Christmas 1st & last part
Johann Sebastian Back (1685-1750)
33K 2:36
Echo Carol 13K 3:08
For Unto Us A Child Is Born
George Frederick Handle
25K 3:02
Gloria in Altissimis
from Christmas Oratorio
Camille Saint-Saens 1921
2.8K 1:28
Gloria in Excelsis
9.5K 1:42
Hymn to the Virgin
(Coral Rendition)
8.6K 1:24
Hodie Apparuit
Felix Mendels Sohn - 1847
there shall a star come out of Jacob
13.2K 2:33
Hodie Apparuit
Same as above
in a Coral rendition
4.2K 2:23
Invention 5.8K 1:53
Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring 30K 4:21
This Little Babe
from the ceremony of
Carols M Petri
11.6K 1:12
Lullaby My Sweet Baby
(Byrd's Lullaby)
11.9K 5:22
A Minuit Fut Fait Un Reveil
Corrette venu de NOEL
Chamber music from the Baroque Period (1600 - 1750)
19K 1:30
The Nativity Carol 10.9K 4:08
Overture "Coriolan" (C Minor)
L. V. Beethoven
87K 5:02
Rejoice Virgin
Sergi Rachmaninoff
5 K *
When Marshaled On The Mighty Plain
Michael Vehe 1537
27K 2:30
Suddenly There Was With The Angel
Handel, George Friederic (1685-1759), German
9.0K 1:56
Who Is This So Weak and Helpless
3K 2:02