Keep it Simple Christmas Wreath Fundraiser by DeLong Farms

... the
fundraising product
you will sell
Christmas Wreath Keep It Simple DeLong Farms
You will deliver to your customers a
20" Fresh Fragrant Balsam Fir Wreath
five holly berry clusters
large weatherproof red velvet bow
five natural pine cones
presented in a Wreath Delivery Bag
Christmas Wreath Keep It Simple DeLong Farms


Each case delivered to you will contain:
  • 6 double sided undecorated Balsam Fir Wreaths
    (18"-22" diameter)
  • 6 bags of decorations, each bag containing
    ( 5 pine cones & 5 holly berry clusters )
  • 6 weatherproof red velvet bows
  • 6 wreath delivery bags
All decorations are on easy insertions picks.
Just place the bag of decorations and bow in the
wreath delivery bag along with the undecorated wreath.

Let your customers decorate their wreaths
to their own taste. the program works
sales aids

Each of your selling members will receive:
...A colour "sales/order form flyer" showing a tasteful picture
of the product they will be selling
with description and prices.
This flyer will be personalized
with your organization's name and message
(mission statement/goals) and a logo if available.

Here is a sample of a:
Sales Presentation Flyer/Order Form (front & back)
in .pdf format to be viewed in Acrobat Reader

Once your campaign is finished the selling members
will hand back the completed flyer/order forms and money
to the group's Chairperson for totaling and
placing the main order with DeLong Farms.


....bulk delivery
of your
Your entire order will be delivered
to a place of your choosing;
the location of the sponsoring organization
or someone's garage works great.

Then at the next meeting,
or a special pre-planned meeting,
your selling members
will come and pick up their orders
for delivery to their individual customers.


There is no pre-payment required
for legitimate, approved,
fundraising organizations such as:
School Groups,
Athletic Organizations, etc.

Payment is due,
at time of ordering.

We accept,
visa, master card, american express
... personal cards acceptable ...


delivery schedules
and deadlines
Wreaths are packed 6 per case
minimum order is 8 cases (48 wreaths)

All clients who have turned in
their "final order" to DeLong Farms
by Tuesday, November 10th
may request their delivery week
as early as the first week of December.
Orders later then November 10th
may have to take a little later delivery.

Your order will arrive by United Parcel Service


if you are seeing ? instead of prices...
please fill out the form below to obtain a password to expose the prices.


.... the nuts
& bolts

....can you
make money ?
YES !!

your price
selling price
your profit
Keep it Simple


....submit this form
to receive
a password....


First Name
Last Name

Address 1
Address 2
Postal/Zip Code


In about 20 words let us know
a bit about your group and what
your fundraising efforts will accomplish.

Penson School said this:
Profits from each wreath purchased
will go directly to our efforts of
keeping our new playground safe,
by installing metal "Bear resistant garbage cans"

Turtle River Montessori School said this:
Profits from each item purchased go directly to
financing their cultural study field trip to New Orleans.

Nomads Junior Rugby said this:
100% of the profits will go to our rugby club
to help us to travel to New Zealand
for a incredible opportunity to help
increase our skills, development
and love of the game.


Do you have a preference
how we make contact with you?
E-MAIL Yes . . . / . . . Phone Yes
Fax Yes . . . / . . . No Preference Yes

By submitting this form you are stating you have
complete authority and permission to make
inquiries as a representative of this organization.
I agree to the above terms

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