DeLong Farms Gold Back Christmas Ribbon
All bows for our Traditional Wreaths are
hand crafted with superior quality
gold back RED velvet ribbon.

20" Wreath bows are crafted with 2.5" wide ribbon.
26" Wreath bows are crafted with 4" wide ribbon.

This brushed gold back assures
your bow will not wither, droop, or fray
with dampness or wind.


20" Christmas Cheer R2
Adorned with,
... large weatherproof red velvet bow...
...5 natural pine cones...
...5 holly berry clusters...
...what legends are made from...
44.00 Canadian Flag
Christmas Cheer Wreath


26 inch Festive Fun Wreath
26" Festive Fun R8
Decorated with,
...extra large weatherproof red velvet bow...
...7 natural pine cones...
...10 red holly berry clusters...
...a larger version of the Christmas Cheer...
57.00 Canadian Flag


Village Charm R5
This 15" centrepiece is encircled with,
...4 10" red candles...
..6 natural pine cones ...
...9 crabapples...
...6 holly berry clusters...
...gracious red velvet puff bow...
...elegance to grace any dining or receiving table...
50.50 Canadian Flag
Village Charm Centrepiece


PRICES (Cdn.$ Canadian Flag), INCLUDE DELIVERY TO Canada's 10 Provinces
add 7.50 per item for delivery to the Continental U.S.A.
( We do not deliver to Nunavut, Northwest Territories, Yukon, Alaska or Hawaii )

Canada's destinations delivered by Canada Post / U.S.A. destinations delivered by U.P.S. (United Parcel Service)

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