Balsam Fir Garland
DeLong Garland
....a natural twist to all your decorating...

...Select greenery is tied into a dense 18' rope to give
a festive geniality to your
verandas, doorways, lamp posts,
entrances, stairways and much more...
perfect length to go around a door

...drape twist or spiral throughout your home...

18' Balsam Fir Garland (left, our speciality)
Very luxurious, thick, short needled brush
known for its rich fragrance.
53.50 Canadian Flag

18' Pine Garland (right)
Not available for U.S.A. deliveries

A thin, long needled brush with a longer indoor life
61.75 Canadian Flag

Pine Garland

PRICES (Cdn.$ Canadian Flag), INCLUDE DELIVERY TO Canada's 10 Provinces
add 7.50 per item for delivery to the Continental U.S.A.
( We do not deliver to Nunavut, Northwest Territories, Yukon, Alaska or Hawaii )

Canada's destinations delivered by Canada Post / U.S.A. destinations delivered by U.P.S. (United Parcel Service)