All the following products are to be
shipped within a Balsam Fir Product
If you wish to order them on their own
there will be a small delivery charge
please call for further information

Wreath Accessories Over the Door Wreath Hanger A1
Fits over the top of a standard door.
Made of sturdy Metal painted red
and plastic coated to avoid scratching
No nails to mar door
Must be ordered with Wreath
4.60 Canadian Flag

Grave Stand Easel A2
Made of sturdy metal painted green.
Legs pushed in the ground will
secure in place. Your sentiments
will be enclosed with a laminated card
attached to the wreath. In winter
climate your memorial will last until spring.
Only available with a 20" Wreath and the Heart
8.75 Canadian Flag


In our endeavour to promote
the artisan flavour
and high standards of Nova Scotian values,
we wish to introduce three people
whose reputations
has grown beyond their community


Appleton Chocolates A5
Alan's son Michael moved his family back home from Alberta
to understudy with Alan and will become the Master Chocolatier
of these truly unique and delicious hand made chocolates.
They are created in the heart of Nova Scotia's maple and wild
blueberry country. Michael & Alan start by boiling up a big pot of
maple syrup and sugar to make a soft and creamy
fondant (which is very much like maple butter) and
then kneads in local berries, fruits and nuts.

Michael & Alan
use combinations of wild blueberries,
cherries, cranberries, black currants,
rhubarb, almonds, walnuts,
pecans, candied ginger, and dark rum.
The centers are rolled out by hand
then dipped twice in a thick coat of
Belgian and French chocolate.
Each bag contains 12 chocolates
individually foil wrapped
(a different colour for each flavour).
17.75 Canadian Flag
... compliments are assured ...


Appleton Chocolates

Janet's Angel
Janet's Angel J1
This years collector colour is Christmas Red.
Each 4" stained glass angel is locally crafted by our own
artisan Janet. The angel holds a Winter Snow Flake.
Suction cup and hanging ribbon included and gift boxed.
17.50 Canadian Flag
... the collection continues ...

Kacy's Pewter Ornament A6
This 2.5" diameter pewter ornament
is created by our Kacy.
The "Whale Tail Christmas Tree" is Kacy's most popular design.
It captures the natural beauty surrounding DeLong Farms
with its likeness of our Christmas Trees
at the same time, evoking the final glimpse
of a whale's tail just before it slips back into the ocean.
Each pewter ornament has a hanging ribbon
than gift boxed and wrapped.
16.75 Canadian Flag
...keepsakes remind us...

Kacy's Pewter Ornament